Writing Your Vision and Making It Plain on the Internet

MTech Enterprises is pleased to be able to offer our clients the following services:

  • Website Design: For as little as $200 we will design your site from scratch or customize a template for you. We can work with Flash and/or HTML. Our basic package includes:
    1. Two page custom made HTML
    2. Up to four pages customized HTML template
    3. One page custom made Flash*
    4. Up to two pages customized Flash Template

*Note: cumstomization will vary depending on amoutn of work required

  • Website Redesign: If you have a site already on the internet and decide it's time for a makeover we can assist you wtih that. We will meet with you, discuss your your desires along with the latest technologies available, and come up with something that fits your budget.
  • Website Development: OK..we have you site looking good or maybe beauty is not a key element for your type of website, now we have to make sure it works. Whatever functionality is necessary needs to get in place .
  • Website Maintennance: Your website looks fine. It also works, but , perhaps, you have parted ways with your initial webmaster. You are now looking for another company to handle the job of updating your site and keeping the content fresh and with whom you can have a better relationship. Look no further. You have come to the right company.
  • Email Marketing (eBlast): Aside from your website or even instead of a website you would like to market your product or service through mass email marketing. You've seen the professionally designed emails in your email inbox and now time has come for you need to the same services. For as little as $175 you can have a professionally designed email ad AND get regional distribution covering Chicagoland, Wisconsin, and NW Indiana. For a look at some of our previous email blasts takea look at our portfolio page.

Perhaps you don't want distibution. You only need our design services. that's ok as well. Use our design services for as little as $100.

  • Photography: Every site needs pictures. A website is just not a website without one. You're ready for us to make yoru website, but you don't have any pictures that qualify to go on it. Not to worry. We have a professional photography service at your disposal.
  • Video Production: You would love to have a video or two to really talk to your visitors and compell them to stay and, hopefully, purchase what you have to offer. We have made it so you don't have to go anywhere else. Whether it's a documentary, music video, talk show, or whatever the need is our video crew can take care of you.
  • Music Production: It sure would be nice to have some music on your site to complete the feel you want your visitors to have. You give us the order and we will deliver the music.
  • Logo Design: Every company every product every service provider needs to brand themselves. By what icon will your visitors and customers or clients come to know you? Need help? We can take take of that for you as well.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Get your site listed in the top rankings for Google and other top search engines. Don't get lost in the crowd. Don't let your great investment get mixed in on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th search engine result pages. Or worst yet...NOT AT ALL. Let us get you to the top. The more people who can find you the more traffic you will get and the more money you can make.
  • Search Engine Markteting: Using Google Ad Words and other methods we can get you listed in search engine results.
  • eCommerce: Use this service if you have things to sell on your site. Give your customers the convenience of purchasing your items securely right from your site with their credit or debit card.
  • eCards: Instead of just having an HTML email to look at you can even go one step further. Have your email link to a video or custom animation inside a webpage on the internet. Now THAT"S interaction!!